Witchguard: A Wicked Homecoming

H.A. Carnarvon. 2018. 5x8. 402 pgs. ISBN 978-0692106143

Prepare yourself to enter the dark, mysterious and magical world of Witchguard. We'll follow the seven Chosen Witches and Witchguards as they face their destiny and become the new warriors of the four covens. They must balance life, love and family while molding the new generation of Witches and Witchguards. Will they stand strong, ready to face the dark storm that's coming? Or will they fall to it and leave the world in chaos?

Life Or Death

Lexie Hureau. 2018. 8x10. 20 pgs. ISBN 9781388690885

this book is filled with poems, writings, and drawings about dealing with a very terrifying mental illness as a young adult. although it contains a lot of raw, emotional content it also teaches people the strengths mentally ill people have, such as turning their stories into beautiful things like art. i hope whoever gets their hands on this looks at life a lil differently afterwards. 

Business Casual

Amanda Kelly. 2017. 6x9. 116 pgs. ISBN 1389449637 (Softcover); 1389449629 (Hardcover)

When everything and nothing makes sense. For the days we simply try to exist. Business Casual.

Abnormally Normal

Tyler O'Neil. 2017. 5x8. 76 pgs. ISBN 138946573X

To Whom It May Concern, I wrote Abnormally Normal to let go of held-on ideas and at the same time shed some words I thought could create ripple effects within other people. We are trapped in a bubble of what it means to be human and our mind has the ability to turn everything into a paradox. Something is derived from nothing and the concept of meaning lives because that's one of the only ways we can function without acting out on any immoral urge. Through acceptance of the condition, we can then look introspectively to address what eats away at our psyche and then, from there, generate a communal sense of compassion. I have an optimistic outlook for you and wish you all the success that you deserve. Sincerely, Tyler

Sick of My Own Metaphors

Eli Parker. 2017. 5x8. 24 pgs. ISBN 1389534065

This book is a collection of poems showing someone's life throughout an entire year dealing with mental illness, and the other beautiful, scary parts of life.

Fine, I'll Admit It

Sighing In Unison. 2017. 5x8. 80 pgs. ISBN 9781389616662 (Softcover); 9781389616679 (Hardcover)

What are you afraid of? What are you hiding? We Know your secrets. Just admit It. Sighing In Unison Presents a collection of poetry, essays & short fiction from 18 creative minds who bare it all in these shocking revelations.


Michael Deabold. 2017. 7x7. 50 pgs. ISBN 9781389617393

"A kid playing in a sandbox. Sculpting a better home. Learning how to admit when he was wrong. Teaching himself compassion and understanding." Letting go of what is bottled up is where salvation truly lies. A spiral dive into self-analyzation head on is a rather healthy method of addressing what can plague your mind. With the autobiographical poetry picture book Whatever., Mike Deabold makes you ponder your own individual Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde aspects by leading you to look inward with himself as an example.


Michael Deabold. 2017. 5x8. 48 pgs. ISBN 9781389616747

Michael Deabold presents a short collection of poems on the subject of regret.

Forgiving Baseball

Christa Ferry. 2017. 5x8. 68 pgs. ISBN 9781366291356 (Softcover); 9781366291363 (Hardcover)

april 3, 2017 / 1:37 pm


an incident has occurred

be careful where you step

nobody knows what really happened

all that remains are fragments of a brain shattered against the raw pavement

before you step over the broken shards

take a closer look

undress the layers of pastel paint

and search for clues

but don't ask any questions

you won't find the answers here


retrace your steps

take off your clothes

and unveil the truth





Elesa Marmo. Illustrated by Bryan J Mangam. 2017. 5x8. 48 pgs. ISBN 9781366332127.

You have to start underground,

Let in sunshine and showers,

To fix your broken happiness,

You have to love yourself

From your roots to your own flowers. 

The Space Between

Michael Deabold. 2017. 5x8. 42 pgs. ISBN 9781366519542.

'The situation


so one-sided.


Ever since

the space between

them divided.'

This coming-of-age tale by Michael Deabold recounts the story of a man cursed with a dark, cyclic past & the woman who rescues him from a fate he otherwise cannot escape. As he is increasingly enveloped by the radiant aura she illuminates, he hopes she begins to feel the same. But her heart struggles with confusion as it still belongs to another man, whom she silently awaits upon returning from hundreds of miles away. 

Garage Sale Essentials

Bryan J Mangam. 2017. 5x8. 84 pgs. ISBN 9781366486813. 

A simple, easy-to-use guide on operating a successful garage sale. Straight to the point & great for beginners looking to make some extra cash.

*Includes tips on when and where to sell, advertising & displaying your merchandise.

*Advice on what items to sell, having multi-family sales & and how to flip merchandise for a profit.

*Includes a handy reference section with countdown preparation guide & checklist of all supplies needed to make your garage sale a success.

[Color Wheel]

Sighing In Unison. 2016. 5x8. 116 pgs. ISBN 9781367067776.

This is not a book. This is a [Color Wheel]. Sighing in Unison presents our 3rd full length anthology featuring poetry from fourteen contributors. This a place where colors, emotions, and ideas blend together seamlessly creating a unified work of visual and literary abstraction. Each page will feature a different emotion corresponding to a unique color, allowing the reader to flip through and experience the full range of the wheel.

Not So Subtle

Michael Deabold. 2016. 5X8. 118 pgs. ISBN 9781367109094.

Not So Subtle is a story of two people who start off as friends but soon begin running in hectic circles around each other due to the weird chemistry they share. A teenager transitions into a young adult in an evershifting cocoon of unrequited love that flips back and forth, never seeming to align right. This is the story of heartbreaks & heartbreakers getting their hearts broken. It's gritty, honest and most of all, Not So Subtle.

Mixed Signals

Michael Deabold. 2016. 5x8. 24 pgs. ISBN 9781367690103.

Sighing in Unison presents "Mixed Signals" a mini-collection of ten poems from Michael Deabold that explores the trials and tribulations of hookup culture and the psychological effects it has when the boundary between friends and lovers violently collides. Photography by Christa Ferry.


Sighing In Unison. 2015. 5x8. 138 pgs. ISBN 9781364853204.

Open this door. 
Sift through these pieces. 
Feel yourself drifting.

138 Full-Color pages of Poetry, Photography & Essays from sixteen creators.

Portraits Of Introspection

Sighing In Unison. 2014. 5x8. 102 pgs.  ISBN 9781364496760.

For the past two years we have searched within ourselves for the answers to our problems and for the true meaning of life. We’ve collected our findings - over sixty five essays, poems and photographs - and as a result, this anthology was born.

Sighing in unison proudly presents the finest work from fifteen creators who bare it all in these intimate portraits of introspection.

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